Neisha Himes

G.R.O.W. Foundation, Inc. (Girls Recognizing Our Worth), is a non-profit organization established August 25, 2016. Currently solely operated, Neisha Himes created G.R.O.W. to bring awareness to domestic violence and provide resources to those affected by this epidemic such as mentoring, shelter, food and clothing. G.R.O.W. will also teach girls and women of all ages to value their self worth by enriching their freedom of self expression and assisting with providing the tools necessary to meet personal goals. As survivor of domestic violence herself, Neisha first began telling her story 2 years ago by way of gift for Spoken Word poetry. Since then, her passion for advocacy has afforded her opportunities to speak at schools, shelters, conferences, etc., all the while meeting amazing people along this journey. #frompaintopurpose